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Saturday, December 31, 2011

think negatively sometime ;)

So all ready and packed up..heels are good, dress is all smashing. make up is always the best.
music sounds great, drinks are ready and food who needs it? Yes it is 31st DEC I don't know which year its always the same. I don't know why do people party on the last day of the year wat is so happy about it another wonderful year is coming to end. Though depends whether it was wonderful or not but still what is so happy... happy that another new year is coming.  The sun will rise from the same direction, moon will go down in the same direction. Birds will fly for their food and we all will go back to our same boss who we still hate and hasn't changed a bit! There is nothing new for a roadside beggar he will still beg for daily food. Nothing new for a merchant he still has to sell his material. This new year will not bring great customers for him he still have to work to get  them. So what is happy and new about it???

Well the answer is in our mind. In our mind a bunch of noises are making rounds. Telling the heart that yes with new year ur problem will get over. We all say listen to ur heart do wat it says and in the lieu of it we forget our mind who at the end is the most logical and sensible organ and we also forget that it can fool anyone easily. Hence it fools our heart on every new years eve saying that with the date changing on the calender ur life will also change. It says dnt worry next year everything will be ok. GO PARTY!!!! 

And we all get dressed up go party come home drunk get the hangover and sleep like babies stepping closely near to the end. Our mind the logical one makes us believe that it is a new beginning and makes us forget that now only 45435878788422886731137 days of life are left. 'Critics will say that I m negative and don't see the positive. Then I say this is about thinking negative why always think positive??Where is the positive????? I understand the logic of taking life as it comes but then the same critic says "go fight for ur wishes, ur luck, grab the opportunity. Change the course of life, bring the change, be the change" I say NON SENSE...  
3 rules I explain agree or not some where or other in ur life u will agree and realise that I m right!! 
1. love lies where beauty is
not beautiful anymore I don't need u anymore
2. money rules the world 
no money.. oh no honey..
3. society has laid some rules follow them or fall with them
do wat i say or u shall be smitten with curse...

No I m not being naive or insensitive nor have I experienced only the bitter in life stop JUDGING people its just a blog my blog I will write wat I want and yes I don't need a brahm kumari to explain me the essence of life and how to value it... when a man dies in a bomb blast our govt values his life with 2 lac rs....
Nothings gonna change it depends on you how you wish to celebrate the nearing of ur end..
Sometime its important to think negative, it helps value the only positive. ;)

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