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Saturday, December 31, 2011

think negatively sometime ;)

So all ready and packed up..heels are good, dress is all smashing. make up is always the best.
music sounds great, drinks are ready and food who needs it? Yes it is 31st DEC I don't know which year its always the same. I don't know why do people party on the last day of the year wat is so happy about it another wonderful year is coming to end. Though depends whether it was wonderful or not but still what is so happy... happy that another new year is coming.  The sun will rise from the same direction, moon will go down in the same direction. Birds will fly for their food and we all will go back to our same boss who we still hate and hasn't changed a bit! There is nothing new for a roadside beggar he will still beg for daily food. Nothing new for a merchant he still has to sell his material. This new year will not bring great customers for him he still have to work to get  them. So what is happy and new about it???

Well the answer is in our mind. In our mind a bunch of noises are making rounds. Telling the heart that yes with new year ur problem will get over. We all say listen to ur heart do wat it says and in the lieu of it we forget our mind who at the end is the most logical and sensible organ and we also forget that it can fool anyone easily. Hence it fools our heart on every new years eve saying that with the date changing on the calender ur life will also change. It says dnt worry next year everything will be ok. GO PARTY!!!! 

And we all get dressed up go party come home drunk get the hangover and sleep like babies stepping closely near to the end. Our mind the logical one makes us believe that it is a new beginning and makes us forget that now only 45435878788422886731137 days of life are left. 'Critics will say that I m negative and don't see the positive. Then I say this is about thinking negative why always think positive??Where is the positive????? I understand the logic of taking life as it comes but then the same critic says "go fight for ur wishes, ur luck, grab the opportunity. Change the course of life, bring the change, be the change" I say NON SENSE...  
3 rules I explain agree or not some where or other in ur life u will agree and realise that I m right!! 
1. love lies where beauty is
not beautiful anymore I don't need u anymore
2. money rules the world 
no money.. oh no honey..
3. society has laid some rules follow them or fall with them
do wat i say or u shall be smitten with curse...

No I m not being naive or insensitive nor have I experienced only the bitter in life stop JUDGING people its just a blog my blog I will write wat I want and yes I don't need a brahm kumari to explain me the essence of life and how to value it... when a man dies in a bomb blast our govt values his life with 2 lac rs....
Nothings gonna change it depends on you how you wish to celebrate the nearing of ur end..
Sometime its important to think negative, it helps value the only positive. ;)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

to all the misfits

I don’t get this why??? Why we misfits are so misfits that if we don’t fit then we have to get fit to get fit. Why??
Matlab ek moti ladki is like a kaanta in the eye. Sabko chubti hai. Sab ko woh waste not important lagti hai. Boys need a girlfriend to show it to the world and she is got to be hot then only they will love her. I know that apparently this is not true and it is not eternal love and true love which will last according to books and films and so called love specialists but let’s face the facts... how many boys send friend request to girls until and unless they find them hot at or atleast pretty and thin like kaam chalo types? Profile pik bhi dhoka deti hai mannier times. How many fat girls get invited at parties or even spoken with if invited ever. I mean even smart slim girls make fat girls their best friends coz then they know that their boyfriend won’t hit on this best friend of their's. Be it anybody our parents or grandparents when we r kids tab thuse thuse ke khilayenge and once we grow up then beta patli hoja, koi shaadi nahi karega, beta exercise karle no one will like you. I mean why do we guys have to face the curse of dieting and giving ourselves physical pain when others just eat drink have sex and take it all out… in any perfect couple who r deeply in love u will always find the girl or boy to be really pretty or hot otherwise everybody will behind their backs say “how and y did he/she choose her/him and then love her/him so much must be blind love”

morning mein 2 hrs zaayada soo gayi to mom will shout get up or u’l get sick, sick as in fat according to her and if I don’t exercise for a day same thing gets repeated. Like my mom just hates the way I look. Coz apparently everybody says ki who meri sister lagti hain not mother and some even have the guts to say it’s a compliment for ur mom and a wakeup call for u. like mann karta hai uske testical nikal ke wahin pe un mein pin chuba doon I know its gross but its hurts equivalent to it. I don’t even know whether to be happy or… rather I know I shouldn’t be.  

Childhood hi achha tha at least then I could ask for my favourite ice cream without being taunted or not explained the consequences of having it which includes diabetes. Or rather then back I could dream and console myself by saying that jab badi hungi tab dekheknge. I don’t even know when did I put up so of much of weight? Teenage shuru hote hi notice mein aane laga and tab se ab tak there is no close date to this notice. Sab kehte hai ki yeh life ka best time hota hai khao piyo aish karo enjoy ur life. I say ghanta enjoy how would it feel when nobody wants you at this age. Sabko sunder and hot ladki chahiye. How does it feel when everyone talks about how their boyfriends kissed them gave them love bites or how did they fight and u just never have anything to say. Again a misfit. Enjoy, party have fun but with whom and how?? If I eat I get fat, if I drink I get more fat and if I go to a party I m left to do only this coz there is nobody interested to party with me. Frankly bataun I have never been to a party and really enjoyed hence I avoid them now and end up ordering good food. Apart from my dad’s party where u have to go and smile and listen to antys gossiping about others daughters and asking you “aur beta kaise ho shaadi kab kar rahi ho?” and I would end up saying “anty I m jus 21” and then they give looks saying it’s not my fault you look so big!

Yeh jo world hai na world iss mein 2 types of people live perfect ones and some non perfect ones at least lets categorize people of my age say from 15-25. And even after that story remains the same. I mean girls and boys who are just perfect, perfect hair, body, clothes, blackberrys, money to spend on clothes, Srcc mein admission bhi mil jata hai. Branded clothes bhi and pyaar karne wale girlfriend aur boyfriend bhi, trips pe jaane ki permissions bhi and they can even eat and drink whatever they want without thinking once. I have come across girls who eat like way more than me and are still skinny and sexy figured without excercising even a bit and then they cry “mujhe thoda weight put on karna hai this is too thin” too thin my ass. Like check out their albums and no.of likes they get for even simplest of statuses. Life aish karne ki aur enjoy karne ki sirf inn log ke liye hoti hai not for people like us it is a kind of a punishment to enjoy and have fun coz it does give happiness for some minutes and then lifelong ka weight issue to cry or get taunted for. Even shopping looks painful then and only highlights our negatives, retail therapy does not work until and unless it’s a plus size range and then also u know that it is a plus size. Like sometimes u go to a shopkeeper and the instant u enter he says “madam aapka ka size wahan pe hai that section” and sometimes they are even costlier than small size ones. Like all the books by authors or film stories or even soaps show perfect pretty looking girls/boys as their main character and having every kind of twist and turns In their lives whereas fat girls/boys will be added for the fun quotient and jokes. Like there is a different world for people like us where the conditions are as follow:-
  • ü Eat at your own risk
  • ü Don’t sleep more
  • ü Exercise or else face the consequences
  • ü Fun at a cost of…
  • ü Wear only these and not those…

And at last... dream but don’t expect it to come true.
I guess I know after  this I will get a lot of comments saying it’s not true u r not that fat or lonely or unwanted but sweeties ( coz it will be 2 of my friends saying it) I know the truth and secondly I was not talking about myself but on behalf all those who feel like misfits.  And some will also end up saying that if it feels so bad then do something about it for them... I have done gym for 2 years danced like crazy for say one year in totality and walked, jogged and done everything possible but nothing happens because after all misfits exists for some reason. I hope the reason is something good and comes to all of us soon and to all those who agree with what all I have written cheers to life and us coz even we rock in some or other way. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

open letter to government!

as this is the season of open letters heres one from my side for the government or to our prime minister (poor chap)

dear government,
how are you? i m sure this letter will find u in good wealth and bad health.
no actually ur health will also be good after all you don't have to pay taxes or house/car loans EMI or for electricity, water  or costly vegetables or offcourse petrol for ur cars right!

please clearly tell us what do you want?? blast just don't stop, crimes our at their peak and inflation to poochho hi mat. i m nt even going to start talking abt all economic points that we study in our school and colleges poverty, population, unemployment and
 what not. i mean where is your limit? and the recent gift increase in petrol, please tell us what do you want? we asked you to do something to control traffic not eradicate the power of having or driving a petrol car. what is ur strategy make one thing worse to control the other thing which is already out of hand?

u aren't soving the issue but creating it! do u even think that a common man wil understand the economics behind it and still vote for you in the next election. after all public ki memory bahut chhoti hoti hai na. or rather u'l also sit on a fast to improve ur image after commiting crime like modi or bhagela. i mean seriously modi thinks this is gonna help fast for 3 days and thats it people will love him again. specially for him - there are 100s and 1000s who have to fast to feed their kids and family for more than 3 days because of the inflation your government is causing. oh sorry now u'l say "it's nt my party but congress i m nt responsible" for u "GET OUT OF IT"

secondly what is this new fashion of visiting injured people after blasts and sympathasing with them. "i pay my condolence to all who have lost their loved ones" or "this was a cowardly act" dude we know it was now do something about it. even kasab is more safer than any other indian today. blasts have become a routine in india ek do agar saal mein na ho to lagat hai jaise bahut boring year tha right?

u have the guts to compare a person's life to the compensation amount of 2lac. for your knoweldge fees of a school is almost 2 lac for 2 kids in a household for say 3 years what after that what will the mother do? as if the child will not be required to study further or wear proper clothes, eat good food and what about the rest of the family no one will exist excluding all the basic luxiries that a family deserved from their sole bread earner. but still we will not hang kasab or afzal guru coz we are a nation of gandhi, or rather our president doen't have time to look at the petitions coz she's busy on her "official vacation". shame on you.

dear government/ministers/ PM/ sonia gandhi, stop enjoying ur subsidiezed biryani of 18rs and wake up from this dream. india is growing but not developing. moving forward is not enough but moving in right direction. and for god sake next time please have educated ministers in ur cabinet who atleast know how to speak. and kalmadi, a raja and the rest stop giving them VIP treatment in tihar or change tihar's name to watever goes with it. common man is just too pissed off to even suggest one now.
 lastely amar singh we all know that u r absolutley fine stop acting stupid anna hazare has awakened many these tactics wil not work.
enough wake up!

Monday, June 6, 2011

happy to have a daughter...i doubt.

A son is a son till he gets himself a wife but a daughter is a daughter all her life!!! but r we really happy and content to have a daughter today??? a girl still can't go out on a trip with her girl-friends, shop till 10 in night, go for a walk alone after 8 or work late night with her parents sleeping peacefully at night, her father not calling her and her mother not worrying for her. May be then wen she is married and has a husband whose permission she will have to seek obviously. Well this is obvious that i m talking abt india. name one father who is resting at home peacefully when his daughter is out and not married and "young". sometimes being young sees as a punishment.Be it a riche's daughter or poor's daughter, we are born with the liability of being home at "8". and  if a father does not worry himself or be tense then the people around him will make him tense, the news, elders, neighbors all r ready to make the father worry. a boy can party, be out till watever time he wants, drink wat he wants, "wear" what he wants, pee wherever he wants, go for trips, do late night work in short do watever he wants and a girl can only do what people, society wants be it clothes, job, career, her looks, her complexion, her hair and sometimes even her love. so can anyone answer "r we still happy to have a daughter'???

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

euthanasia - a death with dignity

well this is something which feel strongly about and want to write and be read. i know its coming after a longtime but this is important.. i wrote it for my portfolio that i was suppose to submit in my clg nd now i m making it visible to everyone i hope it makes some difference

She cannot move, she cannot sit, she cannot speak, she cannot hear, she cannot see, She is BRAIN DEAD.

She suffers from atrophying bones, the joints at her fingers, her wrists, knees, ankles are bent inwards & to try straightening them causes her pain. She suffers emotional trauma, so much so that it results in inappropriate laughter & bouts of screaming. Her memory & most of her other mental faculties are gone. She continues to live in this neither-alive-nor-dead existence for the past 36 years, reacting to stimuli yet unable to otherwise communicate. Forced to be fed Aruna Shaunbag lives. But can this be called “Life”? Can one person live without being able to move, see, hear, feel or follow the other necessary conditions of living? Article 21 of Indian constitution states what living is and Aruna shaunbag doesn’t even fulfill those criteria. But still we cannot grant her a death with dignity. No doctor can bring her life back to normal and nor can we free her of her misery, we cannot or rather would not grant her EUTHANASIA.

Life is very unpredictable. Aruna would never have thought that on her wedding day she would be tied up in dog chains, raped and tortured brutally by a ward boy, about whom she was going to complain as she had caught him cheating. Today wherever and in whatever state she lives, I bet we can’t even stay there for a minute. Try to imagine…getting inside a box where you can fit in half, open it from above and just lie down there. Try lying down for minimum 10 minutes. Try moving, eating, sleeping or even speaking. You’ll experience 36 years of Aruna’s life, with the benefit of being able to watch, speak, shout for help, feel and dream or at least breathe properly. I bet those 10 minutes will seem like a punishment but imagine if people or society around us does not allow you to get out of that box, it does not allow you your freedom and says this is illegal, punishable and offensive. How would you feel??? Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while we live.

What is euthanasia exactly?? The precise definition of euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering." The word euthanasia is derived from the Greek word “euthanatos” meaning “well death” and originally referred to intentional mercy killing. In the modern context euthanasia is limited to the killing of patients by doctors at the request of the patient in order to free him of excruciating pain or from terminal illness. But our Indian law does not allow euthanasia. There are many “subs” to it but still we will not allow one to get him/her free of their suffering.

But I say why not, why can’t we…by allowing passive euthanasia or rejecting pleas till when can we wait for that miracle to happen in this 60yr olds life and let her live or I would rather say suffer in this “persistent vegetative state”. Who is to be blamed??? Who can answer these question and when???

Our society, It is scared, our law is scared, scared of being misused, scared of being held wrongfully. They say anyone with slightest conditions of depression will plea for euthanasia if it is made legal. But then I say what is our law for, our courts, judges for, they are sitting there to see the situation and make decisions but the reality remains that our constitution, our law, our society is scared. I say shame on us, shame on our critiques, government, politics and social activists who can’t make correct decisions and grant people a peaceful life, if not more!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hell it has been long and I won’t say dat I was busy it was jus dat I was lazy and had no topic to speak on…but today I m gonna speak on ADAGIO

It all started wid a dream and has reached this far I still can’t believe that its happening…I mean I always heard follow ur dreams, live to fulfill them, never stop dreaming blah blah blah but I use to think that dreams were always to help u during a boring lecture or may help u sleep good…but it has happened 1st time in my life and this gives me an inspiration to dream more, dream big…I noe I m sounding like a philosopher but yeah they r right after all….its only about following ur dream…

I remember the day we barged into the principal’s room and told her that v want to start a society and her words were”do u even noe wat choreo is” and today I would ask her “maam do u even noe wat a point is”….well if she wouldn’t have been there then nothing would have happened but for me things started falling in place when suheena auditioned...I still respect her for that coz frankly we guys knew nothing and were sitting as dude’s of some huge choreography world and auditioned all and off course how can I forgot how did v find our chape I mean varsha and these 2 were the only two who continued till the end out all seven selected, out of 8 ppl who came to audition…. And the auditions kept happening, the last and final audition was the real beginning when deepali, divya B&P joined.sahej and roshini were already a part of it and nomi r only survivor of the 2nd round of audition out of 13…and pritha joining after our desperate need of few more team members…but the real journey started from 1st oct when Diparshri & Avantika our saviors, gods and everything I would say….came in and took over and have brought us from there to here where we stand today. The whole DU now knows that Kamala Nehru has a choreo team and a very healthy, strong choreo team…the practices, 104◦F fevers. From practicing baby deadfalls (so dat if no1 is available then wat would we do) to each and everything, changing kirwani and requem again & again and then expressions workshop (one in which we all were suppose to shout as loud as possible) from N number of clean-ups, fights, excuses not to come to practice, ppl leaving the team 2 days before the competition, attendance issues…trying different kinds of make-ups and costume problems…Pheww…we have finally made it. 20th nov r 1st win and I still wonder how did v win I mean we tied wid hansraj and venky was 2nd hahahahaha I guess divyaP’s jacket was the lucky charm……and as it happens in typical hindi movies our victory streak started (and now I also agree with these hindi movies)hansraj-III, Srcc – 1st , JMC- 2nd and that’s not all our very 1st win for which we were recognized a little later and still jus won certificates IIPM…

But every story has a ugly part to it everything can’t be beautiful…one thing I believe was, that we were a very strong team but we only lacked team spirit for some it was becoming a burden and I agree things were not so good backstage in our lives but one should have the courage to fight or completely withdraw not make others suffer coz of it….we didn’t have feeling for each other, the bond was not created, it was becoming heavy. As every coin has two sides we also saw one of the darkest days of adagio and I m not gonna talk abt it coz I still remember sitting all alone at metro station crying all alone coz I had forgot to make the cd, no Nikhil no richa and many others, and we didn’t even noe wat was going to happen the worst( and I’ve said a lot abt it)but we also had the perfect ending we finally won the 1st prize without sharing it with anyone and also got the cash prize then and there hehehehe….

And now we have to start it all again without suheena, deepali, sahej & divya…but the best part Avantika & diparshri would be with us. (I hope so) and I know this time it will reach new heights
I promise…..